2nd January 2019

Why You’ll Love Holiday Home Ownership

Every year, families across the UK are experiencing the joy that is holiday home ownership. From Dorset to Devon, from Wales to Somerset, pleasure seekers are finding their dream holiday homes and you may be thinking of joining them. If you’re having some second thoughts however – maybe you’re concerned about cost, or upkeep or whether it’s really as good as all that – then read on to learn exactly why we know you’ll love holiday home ownership.

Be Free as a Bird

We all love getting away for a little break. The excitement of the annual trip to the coast or abroad with the family for sun, sea and surf is something everyone looks forward to. Now, what if you could do that every weekend? What if last minute holidays were as easy as any other holiday?

When you have your own, private accommodation, you don’t need to worry about searching through booking websites or travel brochures for last minute deals. Such barriers to relaxation simply melt away! Many owners leave belongings in their new “home-away-from-home,” meaning that even the need to pack disappears.

With your own static caravan, getting away is as simple as hopping in the car and, unlike owning a touring caravan, you don’t need to take the caravan with you or spend time setting up!

Join a Like-Minded Community

Lakeside Holiday Park, like most holiday parks offering private accommodation, has a thriving community of owners – all of whom share a love of the area and the on-site activities on offer. As a fellow frequent visitor, you’ll get to know your new neighbours well and many of our residents find themselves making new life-long friends. Whether you’re relaxing together in the bar or simply chatting on the deck, you’ll have lots of opportunity to enjoy time by yourselves or with your new neighbours.

Relax More, Spend Less

According to Expedia, an average family holiday costs £2,417 and lasts nine days – the same study shows that many families take at least two holidays a year. That’s a total of around £4,800 for just over two weeks of holiday time.

With a wide price range, our holiday homes for sale start at around £20,000, meaning that, depending on how often you visit, your UK holiday home could pay for itself in just a few short years! A static caravan holiday home gives you the opportunity to stress less about the cost and spend more time enjoying your holiday.

Explore on Your Own Terms

If you’ve chosen to invest in a static caravan holiday home, chances are you love the surrounding area. With your own holiday home in an area you love, you can explore the surrounding area and all of its attractions and sights without feeling the time crunch. Explore at your own pace and really dive into what your new second home has to offer.

If this has piqued your interest and you think a holiday home at Lakeside might be the right move for you, then you can find out more on our website. We have a range of static caravans for sale and are happy to answer any questions you might have.