Covid-19 Guidance

1. Can I self-isolate in my holiday home?
No, unfortunately not. We are legally obliged to report anyone doing this to the Local Authority.

2. Can I visit my holiday home for the day, do work on or around my home, or simply call in to pick something up?
No, the government restrictions on this currently remain quite explicit. If you feel a matter that concerns your caravan is urgent, please contact us and we will try to help if possible or practical. In the meantime, please do not travel to the park until the government expressly permits it.

3. As an owner, can I just drop by to fish the lake?
We are really sorry but the answer is still also an absolute no (because it’s on a holiday park).

4. Is there anyone on park that I can still contact?
Of course, but practising social distancing:
Main reception number on 01278 792222
General Manger, Margaret Difford on 01278 773158
Accounts office, Sue Deakin on 01278 773152

5. Will my caravan be OK while we are not there?
Members of the Lakeside team remain on park 7/7. Should there be any problems with your holiday home we will be touch with you.

6. Are you turning off utilities?

7. I have promised use of my caravan to family, friends or as a private holiday let– what should I do?
You must let them know that, at present, they will no longer be able to use your holiday home. We suspect that they will already realise this anyway. Offering a time later this year or next year as an alternative is up to you. It may be worth checking with your insurers to see if loss of booking income is covered by your policy as well as confirming you are not using it yourself this season yet.

8. Do I need to continue to insure my caravan?
Absolutely – all holiday homes must be insured at all times.

9. Site rents/pitch fees?
Different names but the same thing – effectively “ground” rent and is simply an amount paid for a season under an Annually Renewable Licence to Occupy which is for the provision of the actual pitch itself (i.e. the land or “ground”) each caravan holiday home sits on, together with the maintenance of the park overall and its utilities infrastructure to supply that caravan. The holiday home itself is owned by you of course but it’s sited at Lakeside and therefore kept on our land all year as well as benefitting from the various ongoing essential services the park provides to enable its occupation.

This annual payment is due and payable whether the holiday home is in use by you or not and non-payment, for whatever reason, may regrettably result in the Licence being revoked and not renewed.

10. Is the park itself being compensated?
No, the park is not being compensated, either through our insurers or the government, for the current absolute restrictions on people even visiting the park, let alone staying here to enjoy the holiday homes at Lakeside.

The vast majority of income normally generated at Lakeside during the season has, so far this year, completely evaporated yet, although we’ve had no choice but to furlough most of the team here which is a help, we are nevertheless still inescapably faced with serious levels of fixed costs that continue regardless.
This is a profoundly worrying and challenging time for all.

11. So, when can I visit the park?
We’re hopeful that these government restrictions will indeed now be eased by early July but there is also mounting lobbying of government ministers by park operators as well as the BH &HPA to enable those who own their caravan holiday homes to be allowed to use them even sooner. Fingers crossed on that.

12. In the meantime, to repeat, please do not travel to the park until the government expressly permits it.