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When does the season start and finish?

The season runs from approximately mid-March to Mid-November for owners only, this can be extended to 11* months for holiday homes with double glazing and central heating.

Site rents - what's this?

It’s effectively “ground” rent and is simply an amount paid for a season under an Annually Renewable Licence to Occupy which is for the provision of the actual pitch itself (i.e. the land) each caravan holiday home sits on, together with the maintenance of the park overall and its utilities infrastructure to supply that caravan. The holiday home itself is owned by you of course but it’s sited at Lakeside and therefore kept on our land all year as well as benefiting from the various ongoing essential services the park provides to enable its occupation. This annual payment is due and payable whether the holiday home is in use by you or not and non-payment, for whatever reason, may regrettably result in the Licence being revoked and not renewed. Holiday caravans may remain at Lakeside until they are 20 years old and must then be removed.

How much is the site rent?

2021 season 8 months £4,125.00 & 11 months £4,620.00

When is site rent fee payable by?

You will be sent an invoice you in December for payment in January or by split payment by arrangement, the choice is yours.

What do you need to provide when purchasing a caravan?

You will be asked to complete our contact form for our records. Prior to completion of the purchase, we will need to see a copy of your council tax bill in the purchasers name, it is required as proof of residence for all names on the sale agreement.

How do we pay for the purchase of a caravan?

We will accept a non-returnable deposit to secure the purchase and agree on a completion date for final payment. You will need your insurance cover in place by completion date and we will need a copy for our records. Once funds have cleared, which can be almost immediately depending on payment type, you will be able to start enjoying your holiday home.

How much are the gas & electric charges?

This will depend on usage. Holiday homes are fitted with gas and electric meters, we read your meters and bill you annually in November.

Safety and my caravan?

We recommend you have working fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarms in your caravan, they are your responsibility to maintain and upkeep. Check you insurance policy for guidance and requirements.

Gas Safety Test – you are required to obtain a gas safety certificate on an annual basis.
Electrical Safety Test – you are required to obtain an electrical safety certificate every three years.

This can be arranged through reception or you may use a contractor of your choice, in which case we would need to approve them prior to any works being carried out.

We have a maintenance team on site, so please go to reception to report any issues / faults with your caravan. Any works done will be billed to you on completion.

How can I make payments?

You can call our booking office on 01278 792222, they will be able to take your payment or put you through to our accounts dept.
If you’re on site, then please call in during opening hours and someone will take payment for you.
Please note we cannot accept more than £2000 in cash payments.

Am I allowed to erect a tent or gazebo at the side of my caravan?

No for health and safety reasons you are not permitted to do so.

Am I allowed to erect a shed on my pitch?

Yes, but please ask the general manager for details on size and materials permitted before you purchase anything.

Am I allowed fencing around my pitch?

No, fencing is not permitted.

Can I plant around my pitch?

Pots are recommended and please ask before planting anything in the ground.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, we accept well behaved dogs which must always be kept on a lead, ensuring you pick up their mess and dispose of it. We allow two dogs per pitch and only dogs belonging to the owners, not guests. Dogs cannot be left unattended within your pitch at any time.

What are winter access times?

You are welcome to visit your caravan to check it during the closed period, however, we request you call in to reception and let us know you are on park or give us a call before arrival.

Am I allowed to let my caravan?

You are allowed to let your caravan, but please ensure you let us know and give us the visitors details before they arrive.


Not all pitches have their own parking space, we have parking spaces around the park.


You are welcome to fish as long as you have a valid rod licence, our bailiff will be checking and we ask you register your licence at reception.

Does the park have WiFi?

Yes, the park operates a very good pay as you go WiFi system that can be purchased once on site.

Can I have a Sky Dish?

Yes, but please ask first, we have rules on where they can be placed.

Do you have a children’s club?

No, children remain your responsibility at all times.

Get in touch.

For any other questions or queries you may have about our holiday homes that aren’t covered here please contact us on
01278 792 222 or email