24th May 2018

Weston-Super-Mare SeaQuarium

“Explorer’s Week” at the SeaQuarium in Weston-Super-Mare has something for all the family to enjoy. Explorers are invited to join Sid the Shark as he dives below the waves in search of all the colourful inhabitants around the aquarium.

Join in with the Explorer Trail where you can follow the clues and complete challenges to find some hidden animals that are all around the aquarium – can you find them all? Upon completing the trail you will become a “Super Explorer” and get an explorer badge!

Fantastic Phobias

How brave are you? The SeaQuarium’s new exhibit, Fantastic Phobias, will surely send shivers down your spine!

Do you have what it takes to keep your nerves under control? Does just thinking about rats leave your hair standing up on end? Does a spider crawling in the bathtub make you want to scream? The SeaQuarium is home to many creatures that will surely give you a fright!

Whether it’s spiders, snakes, rats or cockroaches, these little creatures will try and be your best friends! Phobias are more than mere fears, for some they can affect daily lives; for others it may be an inherited fear of spiders or an ‘old wives tale’ based on superstition.

Out Of The Blue

Discover the wonderful world of jellyfish and learn about these elegant creatures in the new ‘Out of the Blue’ exhibit. The exhibit even features the peculiar upside down jellyfish, pink with blue patterns on their tentacles, they prefer to keep their bells on the sea floor with their tentacles raised.

Evozone & Fresh Water Zone

See the distant relatives of the creatures that made the first steps onto land millions of years ago. These lizards and turtles look a little different than they did back then, having evolved in many ways so they can live in the modern day and age. Here you also have the chance to have a look at the Ocean Depths Zone. With a wide variety of habitats the fish, turtles and lizards live in.

Rain Forest River Zone

SeaQuarium bring the beautiful rainforests to you with all the noises, climates and of course, rain! Starring many animals including the infamous red-bellied piranhas and freshwater stingrays you can learn more about these wonderful landscapes which are sadly more endangered by the day. The Rain Forest River Zone also features stunning snake neck turtles, South African cichlids and many more.

Ocean Depths Zones

Walk through the spectacular underwater tunnel featuring an amazing array of British marine creatures. Get up close to the beautifully smooth hound sharks, graceful rays and other fascinating creatures that can be found all around the British Isles.

Crustacean Cove

Come face-to-face with the bizarre world of crustaceans. Meet the home stealing hermits, the lively lobsters, cleaning shrimps and many more wonderful creatures including the SeaQuarium’s very own ‘Nemo’ – clownfish living within their anemone homes. Can you spot Dory?.

If all that walking around looking at fish makes you tired, you know exactly where to go for a goodnight’s rest. Lakeside Holiday Parks is located in the heart of Burnham-on-Sea, meaning you’ll never be too far from the action this summer! With access to watersports, the bar area and other areas within the clubhouse. The fun never stops at Lakeside Holiday Parks!