12th April 2018

Three Historic Places to Visit in Bath

Bath is one of England’s most historically important cities. From sites of Roman leisure to the lives of Regency-era authors, the city is alive with history. With so many fascinating places to visit, it can be hard to decide where to start. So join us as we make that choice a little easier by exploring just three of our favourite historic attractions in Bath, just an hour’s drive from Lakeside Holiday Park.

The Roman Baths

It almost goes without saying that a visit to Bath should include the Roman Baths. As one of the most popular historical sites in the country – and one of the best preserved in the north of Europe – the Roman Baths are a sight to be seen. Taking advantage of the city’s natural hot springs, this religious spa was a favourite of bathers dating back to even before the Romans built the impressive structures now found on the site.

The Roman Baths are now an exciting and fascinating tourist attraction, allowing visitors to step back in time to the luxury of the baths’ heyday. Also be sure to pay a visit to the baths’ museum which expands on the history of the site and its use, as well as exploring the history of Roman Britain as a whole.

Jane Austen Centre

The Jane Austen Centre is more than a museum. It is a full experience that celebrates one of Britain’s most beloved authors by bringing her world to life. Housed within a decorated period Georgian Town House, the Jane Austen Centre offers a snapshot of what Austen’s life would have been like during her time in the area.

The centre is run by knowledgeable and friendly staff who, on your arrival, will introduce you to the world of Jane Austen and tell you more about her life, her work and the centre’s exhibits. You’ll be free to explore the museum at your leisure, learning more about Jane Austen’s Bath residence and life, with a fully immersive experience that features guides dressed in full period costume.

Once you’ve explored the museum, why not take a break in the Regency Tea Room for a spot of afternoon tea in a traditional setting?

The Jane Austen Centre is an obvious choice for fans of classical literature, and those interested in the Regency Period of British history.

Prior Park Landscape Gardens

Surrounding the Prior Park estate to the South East of Bath, the Prior Park Landscape Gardens were designed by poet Alexander Pope and famed landscape gardener Lancelot “Capability” Brown. The garden holds a great deal of historical importance, as it was instrumental in defining the style known as the “English Landscape Garden” – a style heavily influenced by the works of Baroque landscape artists.

Famous for the Grade I listed Palladian Bridge, the gardens are now operated by the National Trust and welcome tens of thousands of guests yearly. A walk around these lush grounds offers visitors inspiring vistas of the Bath skyline in conjuncture with the gardens’ own sweeping lawns, tranquil grottos and decorative buildings.

If you’re interested in learning more about the grounds and gaining a real in-depth understanding of the design and upkeep of the gardens, why not take advantage of one of the gardens’ many guided tours, including in-depth walkthroughs from the Prior Park head gardener?

As one of Somerset’s largest cities, Bath is a must-visit for visitors to the area and, best of all, is within easy travelling distance of Lakeside Holiday Park at Burnham-on-Sea. Get the best of both worlds by combining a seaside holiday with the benefits of a city break. Learn more about Lakeside Holiday Park and book for the 2019 season by visiting our website.